TZLIGHT™ Hot All In One Solar LED Street Light

Item: TZL-SSL-01

Power: 20W/30W/40W/


Item: TZL-SSL-02

Power: 20W/40W/60W

Item: TZL-SSL-03

Power: 30W/40W/


All In One Solar LED Street Light

All In One Integrated solar LED street lights, are widely used as street lighting, road lighting, garden lighting, landscape lighting, parking lots lighting, courtyard lighting etc. The All In One Integrated solar street lights are the high cost effective solution with lower initial investment and free from labor cost on earthwork construction and installation of batteries, solar panels, and accessories.

One Stop Easy Installation

No earthwork construction for battery, no labor installation for solar panels and connections, leads to lower initial investment than traditional solar street light system.

80% Energy Saving & ZERO energy cost

As high as 200 lumen/watt system lighting efficiency, 80% energy saving compared to traditional lights. 100% electricity from solar leads to ZERO energy cost of operation.

3-7 Lasting Days in Rainy and Cloudy Days

The light output of full brightness or DIM mode half brightness is controlled by PIR motion sensor detecting any movements.


Hot Product-All In One Solar LED Street Light
Item: TZL-SSL-01/03

  • Power: 20W/30W/40W/50W/60W-A/60W-B/80W/100W
  • Solar Panel: 18V/29W-100W
  • Battery: 12V/16AH-80AH
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Lifespan & Warranty: 50,000 hours & 3 years
  • Certification: CE, CB, FCC, RoHS
  • ALL IN ONE design, integrated with solar panel and battery.
  • High cost effective solution for solar street light, lower price initial investment.
  • Fully recyclable LiFePO4 batteries are half weight and size of lead acid but with 10 times of cycle life.
  • The PIR motion sensor controls the light output as full brightness or DIM mode half brightness upon the detection of movements.
  • 3-7 days lasting in rainy days, 3 year warranty and no maintenance.
  • CCTV camera is integrated in the item TZL-SSL-03.

Overall Dimmension

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Integrated Solar LED Street Light Projects

Free Layout and Design

A professional design for old or new facility would be freely provided by TZLIGHT™ 5 year experienced designer within 2 working days upon request.

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