TZLIGHT™ Hot Induction Explosion Proof Lighting

Induction Explosion Proof Lighting



Induction Explosion Proof Lighting



Induction Explosion Proof Lighting


Induction Explosion Proof Lighting

Induction Explosion Proof Lightings are the good lighting options for replacing traditional HID/HPS Explosion Proof lights in petrochemical factory, power plant, petrol stations etc. The anti explosion performance of induction explosion proof lighting is high and according with the international explosion proof fixtur standards. Its special super long lifespan also makes induction anti explosion fixtures very suitable for the applications where lights in 24hours working.

Excellent Anti Explosion Performance

The Induction Explosion Proof Fixture is with high anti explosion performance, according with the international explosion proof fixture standards and has been issued with EX Certiciations.

100,000 Hours Super Long Lifespan

The induction explosion proof lighting is free from maintenance, with 10 times of HID/HPS explosion proof lighting lifespan & 2 times of LED EX lighting lifespan.

70% More Efficiency, 50% Less Bill

The induction explosion proof lighting could reach up to 140-150 pupil lumens per watt.


Hot Product- Induction Explosion Proof Lighting TZ-EL-02

  • Power: 40W/60W/80W/100W/120W/150W
  • Voltage: 85-277VAC
  • Light Source: TZ-R1 Series 40W-150W
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Lifespan & Warranty: 50,000 hours & 5 years
  • Certification: CE, CB, FCC, RoHS
  • Aluminum alloy die-casting ballast box.
  • Light source cavity is made of pure aluminum plate spinning forming.
  • The shell of lamps and lanterns are with polyester powder coating.

Overall Dimmension

Distribution Curve Flux

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Induction Explosion Proof Lighting Projects

Free Layout and Design

A professional design for old or new facility would be freely provided by TZLIGHT™ 5 year experienced designer within 2 working days upon request.

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