• LED Smart Bulb

    Say Goodbye To Darkness

    In Case Of Power Cut and Power Shortage

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Guarantee Living, Enjoying Camping

In the condition of normal 110V/220V AC power system, the LED Smart Bulb works and being charged at the same time.  When you are camping without AC power, or in case of power cut or power shortage, the LED Smart Bulb will work as portable Solar Camping Light or Emergency Bulb, with its built-in 3.7V/2600mAH Lithium battery which lasts as long as 6 hours. The LED Smart Bulb is rechargeable and supporting with multiple charging ways, including solar charging and USB charging.

  • LED Smart Bulb

    Normal bulb for general home lighting, Emergency
    bulb for power cut or power shortage time

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Multiple Applications

Home & Emergency Lighting, Camping Lighting

10X Brighter

7W LED Smart Bulb = 70W traditional old bulb
2835SMD, 90% Energy Saved, 80+ CRI, healthy for eyes

Alternative Power Bank

2600mAH Lithium Battery built in the LED Smart Bulb, and it can charge Mobile when emergency

AC/DC Availability

AC 100V-240V Input Voltage
DC 5V Input Voltage

USB Charging

Besides the normal AC power charging, DC charging via USB like PC / Mobile / Power Bank are all available to charge the LED Smart Bulb

Portable Solar Charging

Solar Panel is optional of Deluxe Plan, 1.8W/6V Polycrystalline Silicon Panel, 8 Hours Charging

TZLIGHT™ Hot LED Rechargeable Bulb

Item: TZL-SB-01

1*Smart Bulb

Item: TZL-SB-02

1*Smart Bulb+1*Solar Panel

Item: TZL-SB-03

2*Smart Bulb+1*Solar Panel

Item: TZL-SB-04

1*Solar Rechargeable Bulb

Item: TZL-SB-05

1*Rechargeable Bulb

Item: TZL-SB-06

1*Rechargeable Bulb

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