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  • Induction Lighting

    Save 70% Energy, Last 100,000 Hours

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Induction Lighting is a 4th generation high efficiency energy saving lights, 

with its great lighting performance and affordable invest cost, induction 

lighting  solutions have been widely applied in the factories, 

warehouses, stadiums, streets, gas stations, buildings etc.

70% More Efficiency

The Induction Lamp has special spectrum with high percentage visual lights, which also be considered as very high efficiency of pupil lumens that can reach up to 140-150 pupil lumens per watt.

50% More Bill Saved

Whatever the energy cost rate of your locating place, energy bill can be easily reduced 50% when choosing induction lighting by its high light efficiency of induction lamp as well as high power factor of ballasts.

induction light

Free From Maintenance

The Induction Lamps have a very low light depreciation leading to the pretty long lifespan of 100,000 hours, and this makes it free from lighting equipment maintenance.

See Clearer & Healthier

People will see much clearer and healthier with the high 80+ CRI and more uniform light. It makes a lot of sense for people work in the place for long time, especially workers in factory and warehouse.
induction lamp

Affordable Investment

The initial investment of induction lighting is only a bit higher than traditional HPS/HID lamps but much more cheaper than LED lighting, with China factory direct manufacturer TZLIGHT.

Get Free Design

A professional layout and design for old and new facility would be freely provided by TZLIGHT 5 year experienced designer within 2 working days upon request.

Hot Induction Lighting Fixtures & Projects

induction highbay light
Induction Explosion Proof Lighting
induction flood light
induction street light

Hot Product- Induction Highbay Lighting TZ-HL-18

  • Item: TZ-HL-18
  • Light Source: TZ-R1 Series 150W-250W
  • IP Rating: IP 54
  • Dimension: 540*540*545MM
  • Package Dimension: 600*600*600MM
  • Gross Weight: 8KG(Reference Only)

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TZLIGHT™ Service

Free Dialux Design & Report

TZLIGHT™ 5 year experienced designers provides free lighting designing within 48hours upon request.

Fast & Effective Response

Generally, any inquiries would be responsed within 24hours in business days. Our working time is 8:00-24:00 GMT+0800 from Monday to Saturday.

Quick & Assured Guarantee

Warranty certification would be provided. When there is any problems during the lighting operation, TZLIGHT™ would take action with solutions within 24hours.

Professional OEM & ODM

All orders could be in OEM and ODM according to customers’ demands. Normally it is free but not limited to extra cost on materials or labors. TZLIGHT™ is familiar and professional on supplying those services.

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What Others Say

Daniel Mikulandra

“We are heavy industry manufacturer in Croatia, in the middle of 2016 we retrofit our old 400w metal halide light into the TZLIGHT™ 250w induction highbay lighting. The new lighting  is with very outstanding  performance in our production hall, the lighting are bright, soft and energy saving.”

Daniel MikulandraTechnical Manager IVANAL d.o.o.
Laury Hammel

“I used their fixtures with induction lamps in my Wayland club, our members are very happy with the new lighting technology that they can see clearer and much more soft.”

Laury HammelThe founder and president of Longfellow club

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