Garden Lighting TZ-GL-02

induction garden luminaire
  • Item: TZ-GL-01
  • Light Source: TZ-R1 Series 40W-80W
  • IP Rating: IP 43
  • Dimension: 470*600MM
  • Package Dimension: 560x560x700MM
  • Gross Weight: 4KG(Reference Only)ly)

Performance Of The Luminaire:

1. Body Material: Die Casting Aluminum Alloy.
2. Reflector Material :Carbon Fiber Light Transmission Cover.
3. Glass Material: High Intensity Rhombohedra Crystal Polymerization.
4. Reflector Technics: Carbon Fiber Light Transmission.
5. Spraying Technics: Electrostatic Spraying.

 induction garden luminaire


Parks, shopping mall,
courtyard,historic areas,etc.

 induction garden luminaire