Tunnel Lighting TZ-TL-06

induction tunnel retrofit
  • Item: TZ-TL-06
  • Light Source: TZ-R2 Series 60W-100W
  • IP Rating: IP 65
  • Dimension: 570x300x185MM
  • Package Dimension: 625*350*220 MM
  • Gross Weight: 6KG(Reference Only)

   Performance Of The Luminaire:

1. Body Material: Extruded Aluminum Alloy.
2 R fl t M t i l B t Hi h P Mi S 2. Reflector Material: Best High-Pure Mirror Surface Aluminum.
3. Glass Material: Cambered Tempered Glass, shock resistance.
4. Reflector Technics: Oxide Polishing.
5. Spraying Technics: Electrostatic Spraying.

induction tunnel fixture


Tunnel, Underground
roads,Urban underground projects.

induction tunnel light