Grow Lighting TZ-PL-05

induction plant fixture
  • Item: TZ-PL-05
  • Light Source: TZ-R1 Series 400W
  • IP Rating: IP 54
  • Dimension: 585*555MM
  • Package Dimension: 650*650*650MM
  • Gross Weight: 8KG(Reference Only)

Performance Of The Luminaire:

1. Diamond reflector, provides high reflecting efficiency.
2. Polished and oxidized aluminum reflector is with high purity, high reflective
rate and stable optical propertyrate property.
3. The unique fall-prevention wire rope protects lamp fittings from damage.
4. The cover bottom can be fixed by pressing buckle at the bottom of the
fixture and there is a heat-resistant seal rubber inside.
5. Equipped with UFO electrical ballast box, beautiful appearance.

induction plant fixture


Growing room, Stadium,
workshop, warehouse, airport, railway
station, exhibition hall etc.

induction grow light