Street Lighting TZ-SL-01

induction street light
  • Item: TZ-SL-01
  • Light Source: TZ-R2 Series 150W-250W
  • IP Rating: IP 65
  • Dimension: 895*380*200MM
  • Package Dimension: 960*410*260MM
  • Gross Weight: 9KG(Reference Only)

Performance Of The Luminaire:

1. The fixture body is made of high pressure die-casting alu.
2. High-intensity, high temperature resistant cambered tempered glass.
3. Once shaping high-purity aluminum reflector provides optimum light distribution.
4. Electrostatic spray surface treatment technology.
5. Separate installation of Ballast and light source is better for heat dissipation.

induction street light


Urban trunk roads,
Highways, Commercial area streets,
Parking and other outdoor applications.

induction street light