Rectangular Induction Lamp

Rectangular Induction Lamp Style Comments:

The rectangular induction lamp is the other classical shape of the induction lighting products. The performance of the rectangular style induction lamp is very similar to the ring style one which is at very steady working condition as well as the long lifespan and high output lumens.  Generally, the applications of rectangular induction lamp is as following:
  • Induction Street Lighting
The power of 150w, 250w rectangular induction lamp is the perfect light source for the replacement of 250w, 400w HPS lights.
  • Induction Tunnel Lighting
The rectangular induction lighting tube can be applied into the tunnel light in tunnels and metro.
  • Induction Flood lighting
The application of the new kind of energy saving lamp—induction lamp on flood lighting, are the places like high building outdoors billboards and other outdoors billboards.
  • Induction Tennis Court Lighting
The application of the rectangular magnetic induction lamps on tennis court lighting, is a main part of its advantages.

TZLIGHT™ Induction Lamp Features:

  • A. Long lifespan: 100,000 Hours with 5-Year-Warranty.
  • B. Specially design of Rare Earth Tricolored Powder with more chlorin and phosphorus units for induction lamp from the top class enterprise in the world.
  • C. Upgraded magnetic material and coil covers for induction bulbs, standing wide range of working temperature with good heat dissipation.
  • E. Instant on/off as low -50°C.
  • F. High Lumen Maintenance: 70% lumen maintenance on 60,000 hours.
  • G. Wide range color temperature options (2000K~6500K) with CRI steady over than 80.