Ring Induction Lamp

TZLIGHT™ Induction Lamp Features:

The Ring Style Magnetic Induction Lamp is one of classical style induction tubes which has been widely accepted by people for its steady working performance. The round shape of ring style induction lamp makes it working very steady and the security of the working of ballast, as well, the round shape maximize the output brightness.
The ring style induction lamp is also with nice looking for some applications especially for round fixtures like induction high bay light, it makes the whole lighting fixture the consistency.

  • Long lifespan

    100,000 Hours with 5-Year-Warranty.

  • Specially design

    Specially design of Rare Earth Tricolored Powder with more chlorin and phosphorus units for magnetic induction lamp from the top class enterprise in the world.

  • Upgraded magnetic material

    Upgraded magnetic material and coil covers for induction bulbs, standing wide range of working temperature with good heat dissipation.

  • Instant on/off

    Instant on/off as low -50°C.

  • High Lumen Maintenance

    70% lumen maintenance on 60,000 hours.

  • Wide range color temperature options

    Wide range color temperature options (2000K~6500K) with CRI steady over than 80.